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               SuZhou HongTai Ceramic  Co., Ltd, is located in the east suburbs of SuZhou City which famous for its long history and special culture, as a golden area of the Changjiang Delta and one radiation district of Shanghai Pudong Area. SuZhou City lies to the west of Shanghai, near Hu-Ning Highway. SuZhou has convenient land and water transportation and abundant speciality, and so called “a land flowing with mild and honey”
                     SuZhou HongTai Ceramic  Co., Ltd, produce high-intensity, abrasion-resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good electrical intensity resistance alumina ceramic and Zirconia. Mainly product are electric equipment ceramic, sealing ceramic, weaving ceramic, abrasion-resistance chemical ceramic, refactory ceramic, ceramic reamers and acid resistance ceramic. Those products are widely using in electron ,electric equipment, chemical, engineering , railway, weave , environmental protection, thermal engineering, instrument and nation defence areas.